Product Credentials
Taiwan Mambobaby products (Round and Flower Float, Tub) have passed the ST Safety Toys Inspection, and the company has also been insured with 2 other product insurance as a proof of confidence.

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★通過『ST安全玩具檢驗』合格,証號:94年-G11116-08293   (點選進入查看)
★2005年投保『國華產物1000萬產品責任險』文號:1111字第94PR000029號 (點選進入查看)
★2006年投保『新光產物1000萬產品責任險』文號:1300字第95AKP0001090號 (點選進入查看)

Recently, the floats have also got Korea's Safety Recognition, as printed on the product boxes.

BEWARE OF IMITATIONS! There are currently many similar products sold in Malaysia. Look out for Mambobaby logo to get the real thing! Click here to view the details.

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